Silver Wolf International

Are you sending something abroad?

Silver Wolf International can help.


We are specialist in international freight shipping with over 25 years of trading. At Silver Wolf International we can provide you with a reliable international transport service. We are experts in the careful yet efficient transportation of goods overseas by road, sea and air. Our professional and friendly team provide a door-to-door service for road groupage, full-load and part-load. Our services go to and from the UK to Gibraltar, Spain and most European destinations.


Trust us with your belongings!


Whether you are looking to transport personal goods or commercial goods, a whole house of things or one personal item, we will assist you! At Silver Wolf International we provide a large range of transport options. This means that our team are always able to find the transportation method that suits you best. If you have any special requirements or specific requests, we will cater for this.


At Silver Wolf International we are extremely customer-focused. We always work hard to ensure that all our customers are provided with an efficient and stress-free service when they choose to work with us.


Our services include freight services, removals and storage as well as air freight, express and time critical transports. At Silver Wolf International we can cater to whatever service you need.


Our business and freight service includes a fast and reliable cargo service.

All our vehicles are GPS monitored via satellite tracking and therefore we are able to know where your goods are at all times.


The removals, personal effects and storage we offer at Silver Wolf International has been designed for those relocating or moving their entire home. We are happy to supply packing, wrapping and anything else you may need. Our secure storage options are ideal for those wanting to keep their things locked up for a period of time.


The air freight and express services we offer at Silver Wolf International is fast and efficient. Our express vans and trucks are readily available throughout Europe and as soon as one of our shipments come in, they will be off! We always stick to the schedules provided and ensure that the whole process runs smoothly and according to our high standards.

If you are looking for reliable and efficient transportation and storage services, Silver Wolf International are the ones to contact. We can guarantee that our customer service is unlike any other. You can reach us through our website or by calling +44 (0)1375 840 640. Or feel free to send an email to