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What delivery options do you offer?
We offer services to Spain and Gibraltar by road, sea and air. All of these delivery methods have the options of groupage, part load, full load, express and dedicated vehicle timed deliveries. If you have any further questions regarding our delivery options, dont hesitate to get in touch.
What is Groupage?
Groupage – also known as consolidation or assembly service – is when we assemble and transport several smaller shipments together to produce a single shipment. Groupage services enable you to reduce costs and are available in all of our road freight, air freight, and sea freight transportation methods. As long as you do not mind your goods being transported next to other peoples cargo, groupage is overall the most cost-effective shipping option you can find.
What is Dedicated Transport?
In contrast to Groupage, Dedicated Transport means that your goods are transported on their own. If you require a Full Load, Urgent or Express Transportation, we will normally use Dedicated Transport for your shipments. Dedicated options are available in all our road freight, air freight, and sea freight transportation methods.
What are your Terms and Conditions?
Shipments by road, sea and air are subject to different liabilities under international law. This is also true of commercial and personal goods. Silver Wolf have their liability fully insured and copies off the appropriate terms and conditions are available on request.
How should I size up my goods?
Ensure that you obtain the best price and correct transport size for your goods by advising us the measurement and the weight of the items you wish to send.
What Contact Details should be present on my shipment?
All shipments must have the correct name, company name, full address and full postcode, as well as any telephone numbers. We cannot accept liability for any deliveries sent to an incorrect address.
When is the best time to book my transport?
As soon as possible. The earlier you book, the bigger your range of choices. Booking early ensures the best price and eradicates the risk of being unable to obtain a vehicle.
What is the procedure for opening an account with you?
New customers will normally be asked to pay for the transport of goods at the time of booking. However, you can open an account quickly and easily via our online form. We will proceed with a full credit check on your company when you apply for an account with us. After this, you will be given a credit limit and payment time scale for the company. You are then free to use our services if and when you please. If you go over your credit or time limit, your account will be placed on hold until your funds have been cleared.
Still have a question?

Give us a call on +44 (0)1375 840 640 or complete the form below and our friendly team will assist you with your query as best we can.

Below you can find  our terms & services regarding the movement of commercial goods, both within the United Kingdom and internationally, the conditions of the storage of goods and terms and conditions relating to removals and personal effects. The Conditions Of Carriage 2020 refers to goods that are transported in the UK whereas the CMR Convention is used for goods transported abroad. The Conditions Of Storage applied to goods stored in our depo.

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Conditions Of Storage

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